Monday, April 30, 2012

Exit only.

If you didn't catch my little reference, this entry is about anal. A topic most people are split on.

Here's my opinion: It is not for everyone. But, if you wanna try it, I'm gonna give you tips on how to make it easier, and hopefully enjoyable.

Tip one: Lube. This will become your best friend here. The more the better.

Tip two: Ease into it. Don't go full on dick action.(Pardon the language.) Ease into it with a finger or two, or even a smaller dildo. It can actually feel quite pleasurable if you start out this way.

Tip three: Relax. This has a whole other meaning when it comes to this post. Don't clinch up your muscles. This may seem obvious, but some women don't realize that they do this.

Now, just a warning. Too much anal sex over time, will loosen you up. It may cause bleeding or even pain for extended periods of time. Also, free your first time or two, you may have pain for even a week. This is normal.

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